Creating with Bravery

As humans, we were born to create. For centuries and within every culture, creativity has been a big part of human survival. When I first decided to start painting and writing I felt completely at loss. This feeling is still with me to this day. It is always the beginning that’s hardest. Despite having completed a book, various blog posts, paintings and articles, I still start by feeling somewhat afraid of the unknown.

“What is it that wants to reveal itself from within me?” I ask myself every time. At first, my logical mind gets in the way and I try to create from a space where things make sense logically. But the thing is that creativity isn’t meant to make sense. It’s meant to make you feel things. It’s meant to make you doubt yourself and lose yourself, only to somehow trust yourself and find yourself again.

Intuitive painting (which is a process I use in my art therapy sessions) has assisted me and my clients in becoming more conscious of the constant pestering sound of judgement. It is a process that requires tapping into your inner awareness that is heart centred and does not rely on analysis or head based questions. It is a way of creating that is about connecting into your emotions and responding to what feels right (and at times even painful). For years I struggled with my desire to paint and to write. I thought that my art needed to be acknowledged by others or  somehow change the world. Eventually I surrendered and allowed myself to create for the sake of creating. I now understand that as long as I continue to show up for my creativity, I am somehow contributing towards better world. When we show up for our art and express ourselves with honesty and through our intuition, we allow for our truth to be revealed and transformed through us. In order to create courageously, we must be willing to lose our way in order to find our way over and over again. I am constantly getting lost in my art, never knowing where it will lead me and how it will all turn out. But that’s the beauty of it. Intutive art teaches us to let go of our need to control and to focus on getting to the end result. Instead, we are invited to practice living more mindfully, allowing for our intuition to guide us while we enjoy the creative journey.

I say let’s follow our hearts, let go of our need to judge or control the outocme and instead allow for the unfolding while practicing to trust ourselves and our journey fully and completely. Let us respond to each intuitive calling with courage and breavery.

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“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”
(Pablo Picasso)

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