Art Therapy

When I first decided to start painting and writing I felt completely at loss. This feeling is still with me to this day. Despite having written a book, blog posts, painted dozens of paintings and written articles, I still start off feeling somewhat afraid of the unknown.

“What is it that wants to reveal itself from within me?” I ask myself every time. At first, my logical mind gets in the way and I try to create from a space where things make sense rationally. But creativity isn’t meant to make sense. It’s meant to make you feel things. It’s meant to make you doubt yourself and lose yourself, only to somehow trust yourself and find yourself again.

Art Therapy and intuitive painting has assisted me and my clients in becoming more conscious of the constant pestering sound of judgement. It is a process that requires tapping into your inner awareness that is heart centered and does not rely on analysis or head based questions. It is a way of creating that is about connecting into your emotions and responding to what feels right (and at times even painful).

I believe creativity has the power to awaken, empower, heal, and transform. In my own experience, creative expression has been a crucial part of my own healing and holistic well-being.

You don´t need much to start. All you need is within you now and it is my great honor to support you as an encouraging guide to the place within you where freedom, intuition, courage, and trust reside.

What if you could learn about yourself on a conscious as well as a subconscious level through creating art?

Feel Artistically & Emotionally Supported

“The best thing to having Sarah as your personal coach!”

Benefits of Art Therapy

  • Art Therapy is a tool that allows you to express yourself and to understand your thoughts, feelings and blockages.
  • Art is a nonverbal language that we can use to express and communicate our internal world.
  • Art Therapy aids mental and emotional healing and can act as a highway to the underlying causes of our struggles.
  • Art supports us in releasing and unblocking the messages that our subconscious is trying to tell us.
  • Your Art Therapist acts as a supportive guide to help you process any emotions that may come up for you in a gentle and powerful way.
  • Art Therapy is based on the idea that the creative process of making art is healing and thus life enhancing. It is also viewed an important part of psychotherapy.
  • Art Therapy is a dynamic intervention for people experiencing difficulties in their life.
  • Art Therapy is a powerful gateway to building a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself.


"I really needed this in my life. I decided to give this a go and it's been such an added blessing in my life. I feel a subtle shift towards healing."

"This is fun. I am so glad that I found your art therapy workshops. It's such a great way for me to get out of my head and into my heart."

"I never knew what art therapy actually was until I attended your workshop. Thank you for creating an avenue for people like myself to start expressing themselves creatively."

"At first your workshop was too simple for me. I kept thinking that I am not creative. But by the end of the workshop, I somehow felt lighter, calmer and more connected and at peace with myself. Thank you!"